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Trosa high debts alternative facts

One of my Save Trosa nature friends, Ingrid Benson has done a fb post on Mötesplats0156
where she thanks a Trosa municipality citizen for bringing the issue of high debts up for the Trosa municipality.

Here’s what the Swedish text in the fb post says:

Thank you Pär Abrahamsson for reappearing Trosa municipality’s debt issue. Soon it’s time to advance at least 90 million (SEK) to pay the new big road project. Where will that money come from? In March 2017, development agreements had been signed with the municipality for 99 of the 670 properties needed to finance the road. DEBTS RISKS TO INCREASE IF THE NEW BIG ROAD PROJECT IS NOT CANCELED.

Trosa debts again
Municipally economy In SN (local newspaper) on October 3 you can read that Trosas municipality council Daniel Portnoff relaunches the municipality’s indebtedness. He claims that if you combine the accounts of the municipalities with the unrecognized pension liabilities that all municipalities have, then Trosa’s debt would be similar to the media municipality.
Now you do not have to believe. The numbers are at SCB (Sweden statistics bureau) and if you do the calculation, Trosa municipality is in place 37. It is obviously better than the thirteenth place that the municipality is on if you look at the posted debts, yet about 100 places from the center.
It is troublesome that the municipal leadership is living in faith and bases its action that debt is normal. It is not. Attempting the public to believe the same by presenting alternative facts about easily verifiable amounts is even more noticeable.
Trosa is deeply indebted and it will have consequences when interest rates are normalized.
Pär Abrahamsson Vagnhärad

So we have local politicians with their own versions of alternative facts 😉

But we also have citizens with enough knowledge to recognize alternative facts when they appear 🙂

If you want to give the fb poat a like you can press this link¬if_id=1507100038467686¬if_t=like

If you want to read more about Trosa debts, visit

Greetings from Trosa Sweden


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