#MeToo ~ Chapter 1

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the silent wave

I have the feeling that I should issue the usual Content Advisories for obvious reasons.  If you’re feeling vulnerable right now, or if you could become that way fairly easily, please proceed with caution.

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard of the “Me too”/”#MeToo” campaign that has resurfaced on Twitter.  Even major news outlets are picking it up.

It’s about damn time.

It’s “only” 2017, after all.  We’ve been to the moon and back.  We’ve cloned sheep.  We’re chatting in real time with people who live across vast geographical expanses that include gigantic bodies of water.  We’re mastering the art of printing in three dimensions.

And yet, females (and some males) the world over have felt–or been–silenced on one of the oldest and most devastating acts of abuse ever: sexual violence and its counterpart, sexual harassment.

This does not compute.  It doesn’t make logical sense.  Which makes my…

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