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Tremble my heart

My week so far has gone in high speed. I’m so tired when the days are over. 

But, I’m so lucky anyway. I have good friends, I meet nice people both in work and freetime, I have roof over my head and I have food to eat. I have all you readers of this blog to talk with.

That means I should have more energy left to stay awake in the evenings. But today I feel melancholic and this song suits me well.

If you have some uplifting songs instead that always gives you strength and energy, please leave a youtubelink in the comments or just the name of the song and the artist.

I sometimes like the melancholy feeling, but I also like when energy and inspiration is coming back. That can happen if you find the right song for the moment. 

It’s feels good to have happy feets sometimes

What songs do you match your moods with?


20 thoughts on “Tremble my heart”

  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow, Anna. As for songs and moods, that changes frequently. When I’m feeling low though, I generally go with something heavy, like Zeppelin or Metallica, etc. Maybe that seems counterintuitive, but the high paced, rocking nature of heavier rock gets my blood pumping. 😊

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    1. The link doesn’t work. Your music always cheers me up. But I was so tired in my head that I forgot that I have great music so near to find. My head must be totally exhausted. Maybe some sleep will do good.


        1. And we have a winner! That song is really cheering up. Here’s the link so everyone can listen 🙂 thanks Leslie!


  2. When I’m feeling down I listen to “Everybody Plays the Fool”. Whether I’m recently out of a relationship or not, it always makes me feel like the world is looking up, and everyone goes through bad days. Which reminds me, sometimes I’ll listen to Natasha Bettingfield “Unwritten”. 🙂

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    1. Natasha Bedingfield, thanks for reminding me of that artist. She’s done some great songs. I like These words too, but here’s Unwritten and that’s a good song too

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