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The Citizens’ Book – Medborgarboken

I found an old book from the 50’s that my father got from his home municipality when he turned 21 , which back then were today’s 18 when you get full civil rights and obligations.

Jag hittade en gammal bok som alla som nådde myndighetsåldern 21 på femtiotalet fick av sina hemkommuner. Jag tycker förordet berättar om hur stora förväntningar man hade på ungdomen på den tiden och hur högt vi skattade demokratins viktiga grundpelare.

First page -första sidan

The book is a proof of the reaching full civil rights and obligations.

The Swedish king back then.

The Swedish Prime minister back then.

The Swedish text says this:

“The CITIZENS ‘BOOK is intended as government gift from the home municipality to the young citizens when they reach the twenty-year limit and acquired full civil rights and obligations. It wants to remind you that there is something strange and memorable that happens in the life of a young person when she takes over all responsibility for her actions and is empowered to make her contribution to society on an equal footing with all other adult citizens.

For the first editions of the citizen’s book, Prime Minister Tage Erlander had written a preface, in which he b. a. emphasized that >> the content of democracy is entirely dependent on what citizens make it to >>. He continued: >> Freedom in democratic terms is not a formality, something gained through constitutional amendments. It is part of the arduous and purposeful community building. Citizens’ freedom depends on their willingness and ability to enter into social responsibility, to send themselves to manage and finance, to make their own and future generations conceal our entire rich cultural heritage. A formal freedom, which would mean an administrative setting and a cultural impoverishment, would not be worth its name. But a leading freedom, the cage and shared by an entire people and daylight in active interest in public affairs, it is the essence of democracy.

The citizens’ book aims to stimulate such an interest in the Swedish Swedish youth. Its promoter and author congratulations to his company, which I hope to be truly received and appreciated and so earn a higher purpose. >>

It is with pleasure that the Swedish Association of Swedish Communces finds that the book, which has experienced four editions for six years, apparently broke through, and we wish to express the hope that the present edition, which implies significant changes in terms of content and typographical design, further shall help to deepen and strengthen the spirit of our country.

Rud. Anderberg

Riksdag, ordf. in the Swedish Association of Local Authorities”

Google translated

And a beautiful piece of photo from Sweden 🙂

I will continue to read this book that I find very interesting.

For thise of you who reqd my post yesterday – I regained my energy and that feels good.

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius…then peace will guide the planets…

Have a fantastic day!


24 thoughts on “The Citizens’ Book – Medborgarboken”

    1. No we don’t, but we should. We seems to take democracy for granted, but democracy can be teared down very quickly. I’ve learned that by experience from our local democracy. It’s no longer what it used to be.

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      1. Agree and neither is our local democracy. Sold out to private contracts hasn’t helped and in the city of Sheffield in the U.K. they are cutting down beautiful mature trees and causing great concern from local residents. All because the contractors have a 5 year plan and it’s now beyond local democracy.

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        1. It’s the same here. Money rules and nature takes far too much damage. We’re living in the age of stupid. But I try to fight for saving nature. I refuse to give up.

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            1. I know, but we have to keep fighting for saving nature. One day maybe enough people will understand and start listening 🙂

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  1. I saw you had regained your energy. That is good. Back in 1970, before Jackie was 21, she answered the door to election canvassers. When asked if she would be voting for their party she, with our two babies and my 5 year old in tow, surprised them by saying she was too young to vote.

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  2. At that time Sweden was a guardian society! Near a communist country! Remembering when I went to school in the 70’s, the teacher often said how good Sweden was the best healthcare in the world, the best social security net, yes, Sweden was the world’s best country! Today it is called brainwashing!

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    1. You’re right. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. We may be a good country, but we’re not world champions in everything as we often try to tell people outside Sweden.

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    1. You live in a Swedish-like landscape. Maybe the millions of Swedes that moved to America back in the days took the Swedish landscape with them, hehehe 🙂 “pling”

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  3. Tack Anna för denna fina post. I had never heard of this book before and will ask around at my next visit. It would be great to hold and read. Do you know when they stopped and why? You have done a beautiful work of presenting it and I will save this post.
    🇸🇪🦋 Miriam

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    1. Tack. I don’t know much about this book yet. I will continue to read it and maybe I do more posts about it if I find something interesting. I don’t know why they stopped. They should take it up again in these worried times in this world.


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