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Not a clever way to blog…

…but a nice way to blog

I blog because of you all, not for the stats. I like when you come visit my blog and I like visiting your blogs and check out how you’re doing all over the world. You teach me new things everyday. Thank you 🙂

So what’s not a clever way to blog?


When I make a new post on my blog many of you leave likes that shows up in my wp app notifications. From there I can click my way to your blogs and read your posts, look at your photos in the post and very often I like what I read and see so I leave a like or two on your blog and hopefully also a 🇸🇪 in your country stats 🙂

What’s not clever about that?

I think it’s clever in the meaning it’s nice to pay a visit back when you have visited my blog. But it’s not a smart way to collect stats numbers in visitors and likes. You have already visit my blog and maybe you left a like or two. You won’t be back until my next post.

The stats clever way to blog is to visit other bloggers blogs that still not have visit my blog. I do that too sometimes, but first of all I want to check out the bloggers that leave likes on my posts and after that my blogging time is up.

So I don’t care about collecting increased stats, I care about you and how you are doing on your blogs 🙂

You see, I’m not a smart blogger, or maybe I am. I have fun when I’m here with you, that has to be a smart way to blog!


30 thoughts on “Not a clever way to blog…”

    1. That’s a good question. If we all do the same, we will never find new blogs. If we now and then check out new blogs we all will increase the numbers of visitors and followers. Was that an answer to your question, or did I misunderstood the question?


  1. I don´t use any wp app or wp reader. I visit the blogs I have on my blog list on my site. Sure I can like some other blogs, but I visit only them I like, and them will therefor I also share them. I know that many of my visitors also visit the blogs I have in my blog list.

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  2. I visit blogs with nice pics! sometimes I leave a comment- mostly just a ”like”! Some of my bloggerfriends are very dear to me- and feels like real friends😉
    I dont care much about stats- not much to do about it anyways! Have a great saturday my friend!

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  3. Totally agree Anna l too blog to provide the news that l feel is important to people and uncovering the truth is most important but l am honoured and feel humbled when people visit, like and follow daily .. Ian 😊👍

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