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Information Trosa

Om du vill följa några av de ansträngningar som sker för att övertyga Trosa kommuns politiker att agera klimatsmart och tänka om när det gäller projekt som motverkar klimatmålen kan du besöka en ny hemsida som heter Information Trosa.

If you want to follow how some Save Trosa nature people trying to convince the Local politicians in Trosa Sweden to act climate smart and reconsider projects that doesn’t do climat change’s goals any good, you can visit the new site Information Trosa.

It’s in Swedish, but I think you can press a button and chose which language you want to read. 

One page doesn’t need so much translation and I think you would like to see the page. The page show some of the wild life we try to protect from exploitation. You will se both endangered and protected species in the photo gallery if you click on the photos over there.

Here’s the link


19 thoughts on “Information Trosa”

        1. I hope so. Unfortunately money is the big thing for most of them. Like that should save Mother Earth from melting away! They have lost their heads.

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            1. Maybe. But I think they will blame someone else for that trouble. Instead of trying to fix the problem they will keep blaming someone else. But I hope they rethink before the air gets bad.

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            2. At one point in England when they were burning coal they would have these “pea soup smog events”. They stopped using coal and things did clear up. When we were in China the smog was terrible. They still use a lot of coal. They are working on more environmentally friendly power sources now.

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            3. That’s interesting to know. We don’t have that much coal warming fortunately, but we have lots of cars in the cities that causes smog. Our politicians build for even more cars to run, that’s against the climate changes goals.

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            4. You can’t do it all on your own but if everyone else was doing as much as you are, our problems would be solved.

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