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All the people

I’m an old fashion iPod listener and all of a sudden there it was. In the random flow of my music library. Just the song I needed to hear today.

A Swedish artist, Stephen Simmonds, All the people 

And the pictures I need today is 

We need to take better care of mother Earth. Would you treat your mother like we treat Mother Earth?

And this picture really shows what I feel today 

Unfortunately not enough people hear my cry out in the universe. Those people who really are in a position and have obligations to protect nature are doing this instead

I did this drawing in January this year and sadly it’s become even truer today.

Authority people in Sweden is more interested in protect themselves and their colleagues than protecting nature. It’s very sad and it breaks my heart to learn that my country is corrupt. We brag abroad about how non corrupted we are. That’s no longer true. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up trying to save nature. If people thinks money in their own pocket first will save them, well let them believe that.

I believe in nature and the goodness and wiseness in people. Truth, honesty and the love of nature will still lead my way through life. 

I’m lucky to have so many good people around me, including all of you reading my blog. You give me strength to still believe in goodness. 

Thanks for being here with me 🙂



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