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The end of November

Do you have any November song? This is one of the Swedish November songs by Laleh.

Tomorrow it’s the last day of November. After that it’s all about Christmas for many people. I’m not a Christmas maniac, but I do like some Christmas things. 

Do you get stressed over Christmas or do you stay calm despite the Christmas madness with shopping and planning and everything else around the month of December?

I did a test drawing some years ago. What do you see? The scream or the cute little dog?


29 thoughts on “The end of November”

  1. I’m afraid I do see the scream Anna. I do love Christmas but don’t like to get too pressured about it. There’s always a lot of cooking and a lot of work.

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        1. Christmas is that kind of holiday here too. You eat and eat and eat. I like that, but it’s not good for your weight if you continue after Christmas to do the same 😉

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  2. Love Christmas but see the scream! Can’t wait for December actually. So much to do but we are staying in Dubai this year and my parents are coming here from Sweden. They want some sun. I would have loved to go home though but…next year 🙂

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  3. I generally like the holidays though this shopping frenzy is not really my thing so I try avoiding going downtown (Munich). It’s too overwhelming for my liking. The city looks nice at this time of the year though. If I do go out, then I choose a smaller square where I can have a snack and drink some mulled wine.

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