Is it snowing on your blog?

A post at Aspiblog made me aware of something I didn’t had thought about.

The snowing on wp blogs in December. I always thought that was a nice little extra in December. But not everyone reader see it that way. The snowing can disturb the reading. So this year, no more snowing on my blog.

You find the settings here if you want to check your own blog.

Another setting you might want to think aboubt is the language setting if your in a EU country with restricted area codes. If I put Swedish as language my blog posts only shows in Swedish readers flow. I disappear from the wp reader if you’re not in Sweden and if you’re not following my blog. I still can write in both Swedish and English or any other language for that matter. When I set English as language my posts shows in the worldwide flow in wp reader from where the most of the visitors at my blog come from.


19 thoughts on “Is it snowing on your blog?”

    1. I thought it was fun the year I discovered the snowing on blogs. But now when I learned it can be hard for some to read the blog I don’t think I need to let it snow anymore.


  1. That with language is not right. I had some issues that my post didn´t show up in WP reader, it was something with RSS and wordpress fixed it. Some blog from other countries couldn´t se my post in wp reader, and told me that, during that time, but it´s back now since they fixed the issues. I have my language in my site set to Swedish, but I write in both language because there are no good translators.

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    1. Good to know. They might have change the settings now, but back when I entered the blog world on wp the reader only showed swedish blogs if I didn’t followed blogs. I couldn’t search the english blogs either in the reader, so the easiest thing to do was to set language to English. The blog world then opened up and I could find blogs all over the world 🙂

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  2. Interesting about the language issue. I only write in English so I had not considered this. And the snowflakes…. I don’t find them disturbing and I do live in a snowflake country so I’ll give it a try.

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