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December 9 2017 Anna Day :)

Today it’s Anna Day in Sweden. You can read more about Christmas traditions on Anna Day here, if you find out how to translate the Swedish text.

The tradition says the Anna day is the time to start preparing the lutefisk and it’s also the day for Christmas beer brewing. These days I think most people buy prepared lutefisk and don’t brew their own Christmas beer. Many doesn’t even eat lutefisk today, so it’s old traditions. Though they still live in the meaning I get to hear every Anna Day that it’s time for the lutefisk work.

But I got something much tastier today 🙂

Chocolate cake! Yummy!


10 thoughts on “December 9 2017 Anna Day :)”

  1. Happy “namnsdag” a little bit late! It’s not very common to celebrate name day abroad it seems as everyone is just looking strange at me when I try to explain. I also always add that it means that they need to give all the Anna’s they know chocolate on that day. Sometimes it works 😉

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