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News From save Trosa Nature December 2017

In the local newspaper on the internet, you can read a debate text about the new big road project. It’s in Swedish, so I translated the text to English further down in this post.

Hos, den lokala tidningen på nätet kan ni läsa en debattext om Infart Västra Trosa som tar upp kommunens bristande information till invånarna om de ekonomiska konsekvenser som kan komma att drabba skattebetalarna.

Vill ni hjälpa till att uppmärksamma frågeställningen kan ni även besöka fb-sidorna Itrosa och Mötesplats 0156 där det ligger inlägg som hänvisar till artikeln. Lämna gärna ett avtryck där för att ge inläggen uppmärksamhet om ni tycker frågan behöver mer debatt.

Glöm heller inte att själv agera genom att lämna dina synpunkter till Trafikverket före 9 januari 2018. Läs även mer på InformationTrosa.

Here’s the English google translate text:

Many questions have been asked for Trosa’s municipal politicians when it comes to The new big road in Trosa. So far no responses have been received, either in terms of funding, the climate issue or who really needs the entrance.
Let’s look at the funding of the entrance. According to the roadmap, which is now under review for Trafikverket’s website, the cost is estimated at 155 MSEK (16 million EUR or 18,4 million USD). How will the municipality of Trosa manage to pay its share, SEK 93 million, and in addition, advance the Traffic Administration’s share, SEK 62 million?

Certainly, Trosa municipality has informed that the entrance fee is to be paid with development fees on all plots belonging to western and southern Trosa. To pay for the road, 670 residential areas and municipal land needed for industrial activities at Trosaporten are sold.

How much exploitation fees have been received? In March this year, an agreement has been signed with landowners in Smedstorp, 95 houses with a fee of SEK 100,000, an additional agreement with one
landowner who has received advance notice on four plots. For the rest of the exploitation income there is great uncertainty. The landlord’s whims and residents’ strong opposition to the exploitation of Trosa’s attractive archipelago nature is blocking this uncertainty.

Who wants to live in the middle of a 25m high energy-pile forest? It will be difficult to find accommodation for the 60 houses, far from the service providers’ services, even though building permits are obtained. Large uncertainty also prevails around the 100 homes planned in the archipelago, as the area is covered by beach protection and holds great natural values.

The industrial land the municipality intends to sell is water-soft and inappropriate to build on. What then remains than borrowing? Trosa Municipality is the country’s thirteenth most indebted municipality
and is now risking taking additional loans.

For who is this road built? Who’s serving it?
The entrance is supposed to relieve traffic in central Trosa. The entrance is also intended for use by those who will move to western Trosa and Tureholm Peninsula. Since 670 homes in western Trosa are planned with the Tureholm Peninsula, traffic in central Trosa will increase instead of decreasing. If the target point for the new entrants is not central Trosa, instead, you will use Västerljung road. If you want to visit central Trosa, you do not choose the new big road as it opens onto Åda road far from central Trosa, in height with
Bråta street.

What need of the new road do you that live in Trosa city center have of the entrance? What are your needs in Vagnhärad and Västerljung of the new road? The municipality uses you as a taxpayer to pay the loans on the new road.

Who’s gains on the new road? The only ones who gains something from on the new big road are the landowners who want to transform their woodland or farmland to exploitation land.

Think about this and give your comments on Trafikverket’s website / Road 782/218 before January 9, 2018.

Trosa in December 2017
Ingrid Benson

If you want to support the Save Trosa nature efforts please visit the fb pages itrosa 

and mötesplats 0156 where this debate text is linked.

Toghether all around the world we can make a positive diffrence and make our politicians finally start to listen 🙂

For love of Trosa nature. Don’t build that road. We don’t need it. It is as simple as that.


14 thoughts on “News From save Trosa Nature December 2017”

      1. They seem to be asking the right questions. Often what happens is they just move ahead with things without much discussion. It’s good that they are stopping to give it more thought.

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            1. I hope so. The project goes against all climate changes advice, so we are bad guys in the global efforts to save the earth.

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