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One fine day in my church

Church may be a building for many people, but for me a church place also can be a state of mind. My church is nature where I find peace in my mind and gratefulness in my heart.

This is what my church give me some days.

A morning with visible angel lights through the clouds.

A forest that still gives fall Chantarelles to us even if it is the last days of December. Usually a winter month in Sweden, but not this year.

So if I don’t find time to make another post this year – I wish you all a happy new year!


18 thoughts on “One fine day in my church”

      1. Thanks Anna., right now I’m working on a painting of a moose and some wolves. Still working on the music. Lots to be done in 2018.

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        1. God fortsättning. Vi får hoppas på ett gott år där Lennarts goda sida får komma till sin rätt ordentligt 🙂


            1. Ja, lite hjälp på traven kunde vi väl få även om han säkert tycker att vi är så duktiga att vi klarar det mesta själva. Men en liten hjälpande hand då och då skulle vara underbart att få 😉


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