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More snow again

This morning

Snowy kayaks. You won’t belive it, but one kayak actually got in the water today. Not me, but I saw another person step in a kayak and paddle away. Brrr!

Snowy trees are beautiful 🙂

Five hours of snow shoveling today. My exercise is done for today. Lovely weather with so much fresh air in my lungs now 🙂

I still long for Spring though.


27 thoughts on “More snow again”

  1. I say that snow in January is unbelievable and unacceptable. What does the government do ? Snow shall only be on July 23 and August 7 ! This being joked, beautiful and inspiring pictures, Anna. Many thanks !

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  2. Så mycket snö, och vackert. Alla i hela Sverige har fått mer snö än hos oss i Kristianstad, vi har inget! I måndags eller tisdags, vi hade en centimeter snö i hela tio timmar! 😀

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    1. Ojojoj, vilken tuff vinter, hehehe. Här var det länge sedan vi hade så mycket snö som nu. Vi brukar också ha snö några timmar och sedan försvinner den, men nu envisas den med att ligga kvar.


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