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Räkna fåglar i helgen – count birds this weekend

Denna helg kan ni delta i Fåglar in på knuten. Räkna fåglarna som besöker ert fågelmatarställe i trädgården. Läs mer på

This weekend many people in Sweden participate in a bird counting event. The idea is to count the birds that visit the bird feeders in gardens all around Sweden and report the result to Read more (in Swedish) at

Förra året såg jag inte en enda fågel. Hoppas på bättre tur detta år.

Last year I didn’t see even one little bird. It was a bird-less day. I hope this year will be a better bird year.

Seagull is possible to see this time of year. Not at a bird feeder though.

Waxwings is also around in winter time here.

Woodpecker is also possible to see up in a tree.

This little friend doesn’t arrive yet though.

Have a nice bird watching weekend!



19 thoughts on “Räkna fåglar i helgen – count birds this weekend”

    1. I found an gif making app where I could put together several drawings that made the bird move. I have to do more drawings like that. It was fun making your own gif pictures.

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  1. We do the same thing here this weekend in the UK. The Big Garden Weekend I think it’s called. Maybe countries throughout the world choose the same time to account for those migrants, my blackbird may be counted in your garden in January then be counted in my garden February!

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