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Meet & greet at 2200 followers milestone :)

We are now over 2200 follwers of this blog. I can’t believe those numbers and actually I think I’m right. I don’t tink 2200 individuals constantly follows my blog. I think the number show how many that have pressed the follow button or chosed the email follow alternative. I think many of them forgot all about it after a while but didn’t go back to unpress follow button.

But anyway it’s very nice too se how many of you that is actually here talking to me and read my post. I try to do my best to read your interesting blogs when I have time.

Don’t wish your blog to grow if you don’t have unlimited time for blogging. 

I learn so much from you all so thanks for being here.

Let’s have a meet & greet at this 2200 follower milestone.

Leave your link to your blog or any other blog that you want bloggers to visit.

Check out the links others have pasted in the comments and you will find new blogs and they will find you if you leave a like and or a comment or two.

Interacting is the best way to find readers to your blog and the best ways finding nice people in the blog sphere 🙂

Happy blogging



25 thoughts on “Meet & greet at 2200 followers milestone :)”

    1. Thanks! Oh, I have to find time to visit your blog soon. I always enjoy reading your posts. They often makes me laugh and I also learn new things.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for that. One of the difficult things about maintaining a blog, I find, is that there’s never enough time to read other people’s. And by way of explanation for why I disappeared from yours for so long is that all the blogs I follow started getting dumped in my spam folder. I’m still having to dig them out, post by post by post.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Now that’s a patience trying work, trying to dig out the good things out of trash! I agree, it’s difficult to find time to read all blogs. I want to, but there’s never enough time as you say.

          Liked by 2 people

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