Have you something to say…

…about the icky bad white stuff that took me almost three hours of shoveling yesterday evening? I could continue this evening but I’m tired of shoveling and walk millions of miles during the shoveling. At least it feels like that when the snow never ends.

Above that it’s freezing cold outside. The temperature is -10 C or even lower. Don’t talk about the north winds that increase that coldness several points. Brrr!!!!

Enough ranting.

Can you say something good about snow?

When I was a kid I thought snow was fun. But back then I was smarter. I used snow for much more fun things than shoveling. Skiing, building snowmen, caves and jumps for the skiing. I should grow back down again and have fun with snow instead of wining about shoveling snow.

Some winter pics from my town. A new house and an old one.

Have a great time in snowy times. I want Spring!

Anemones. One white and some blue ones 🙂



27 thoughts on “Have you something to say…”

  1. Poor Anna!
    But, hey, others pay a fortune for a workout in the gym. You got it for free and fresh air on top of it.
    We don’t have new snow. It’s too cold for that (ca. -15°C). This morning it felt like the cold is evening out all of my wrinkles ;-D

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    1. You are right. The shoveling was excellent training and much fresh air. Here it’s cold and it’s snowing! That doesn’t match. But it snows anyway.

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  2. Most of Britain is gripped by panic because we too have snow – and because we do not have to deal with it regularly it causes havoc. I should have been at a meeting in a town not far from my own today, but it was cancelled due to fears about the weather. I hope the snow does not las too long 🙂

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    1. I heard England have snow. I know people that was supposed to travel from Sweden to England bit cancelled because of the snowy weather. It’s best to stay inside and at home when the snow comes in. I was out walking in the snowy wind yesterday. I walked instead of taking the car because the roads were full of snow. It was not fun walking either but better than try to get there by car. I also hope snow goes away soon.

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    1. Agree. Snow can be fun and beautiful. But we almost had Spring in the air before this snowy weather came. So I want Spring start back. Now! 😃

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  3. The good thing about snow is when it goes and spring comes. We are having a mini spring right now but March hasn’t even started. We can still get lots of bad winter weather yet. If I send you some of our spring please send the snow somewhere else.

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    1. I can send the snow to the poles. They say it’s not winter enough there because of the climate changes. February and March can be winter months here, but for several years we have had more Spring than Winter those months.

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        1. That’s kind of funny. First we get snow, shovel it and wining about it. When we finally get rid of all snow after many hours of shoveling I bet the rain comes and wash it all away. Just for fun to tease us humans.

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