Brave people

I’ve recently read two interesting books from two of the too few brave people in the world but in totally different ways.

Professor Hans Rosling Hur jag lärde mig förstå världen

If you never came across professor Roslings TED talks check this one out for an example.

He tried to made us understand the world from a different kind of view.

That’s what the next book writer tries too. Her stories are heartbreaking but very important to read if we ever gonna realize that world peace os the only way for all of us to survive.

Asli Erdogan Inte ens tystnaden är längre vår egen 

We need more brave people in the meaning save earth and all living beings, not just a few that thinks alike and despise everything else.
I want to be able to hear and read what everyone thinks, not just the ones who for the moment have the “right” or the only allowed opinion. Sometimes the ones with a different opinions have right and sometimes the one with the “right” opinion have right. Why is it so hard to accept different opionions for some people? It’s our differences that makes us interesting. It’s between our different points of view the brilliant ideas being born.


7 thoughts on “Brave people”

    1. Då har du något att se fram emot. Just nu är jag mitt i Max Tegmarks senaste bok Liv 3.0. Den är väldigt intressant och tankeväckande.

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