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Ladybird on my doorstep 

The first ladybird of the year. At least the first I have seen this Spring.

As a kid I thought they were fantastic beautiful little fairy tale creatures. 

As a grown up I know they can be millions and then they are not fun at all.

In Swedish we call them KeyMaiden in a direct translation. Nyckelpiga in Swedish.


30 thoughts on “Ladybird on my doorstep ”

    1. That’s interesting to know. I wonder if our naming of the ladybird, Maria Ladybird comes from Marienkäfer back in the days when many Swedes talked german.

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      1. Amen, Anna. They’re cool little creatures, aren’t they? We get inundated by them in the Fall here. 1000’s of them, it seems. They’re inside too, On every window. It’s crazy. 😃

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        1. We only had ladybirds invasion ones. They were everywhere. But normally they are just outside and a lot fewer than thousands at the same time 🙂

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  1. We call them Ladybugs, Anna. They are wonderful for the garden because they eat the aphids. She looks a little cold there. How about a drawing of her?

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  2. I like ‘Keymaiden’ (and saw your explanation in the comments).
    Here I keep an eye out for the swallows and swifts arriving-a true herald of summer.

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    1. It the same here. We have a saying “one swallow does not make a Summer”. I have no idea what that means. If I see one little swallow I say Summer is here.

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    1. Ja det var en lycka att få se den i vårsolen. Den satt alldeles utanför dörren. Kanske har den övervintrat i någon springa i fasaden och vaknade till liv av solens strålar. Den såg nyvaken ut.

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    2. Yes – China Crisis. If I may be as bold to ask a lady her age? I was born in ’71 and so these type of groups were going during my high school years 🙈

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