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Hey yesterday I was six years old!

Can you believe it?

It’s been six year since some of us first met here at our nice kittle blog corner of the world. Then we have became a huge number of friends here. It’s so nice to see you all here. I wish I could hang out here more often visiting your blogs. I try the best I can to check up on you now and then though.

Don’t wish your blog to grow if you don’t have endlessy with blogtime. It’s very nice with all followers and other visitors but it takes enormous time to visit all bloggers that likes your post and leave comments. I want to do that, but don’t always have time. 

If you do want to grow your blog I have only one thing to say: INTERACT! That’s the nicest and the fun way to griw a blog. You meet so many nice and wise people around the world.

Happy blog birthday to all of us. This blog isn’t just my work, it’s your work as well.

Wp pub is now open for celebrating the six fun blog years so far. May it be many more for us all.

I start with this song

What’s our next song? Paste a youtubelink in the comments and we hopefully have music going all the time.

Congratulations to us all!


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