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Does your responsibility ends with your generation? kan ni läsa en insändare som ställer frågor till Trosas politiker kring vilket ansvar de har när de asfalterar våra sista naturområden. kan ni läsa en protestinsändare som anmäler att ett upprop mot väg-och exploateringsplanerna kommer att initieras. Läs mer i insändaren:

Nu finns en namninsamling för att behålla Trosas natur. Läs mer här:

For my nonSwedish readers, here come a google translation of my Save Trosa nature text that has published.


We live in one of the country’s best municipalities. We have two coastal forests left which ensure water availability and contribute irreplaceable ecosystem services. We live a multitude of outdoor activities there through fungal picking, MTB, terrain rides, horse riding, bird watching, orientation, hiking, swimming and other activities that promote good health.

I think tomorrow’s climate-smarter generation will stop counting time gains and refuse fossilcar commuting by creating non-commute work, noise-free environments and emission-free transports that do not need new roads.

They will use tax money for projects that do not violate climate goals and measure growth in quality rather than quantity.

They do not want the future that today’s ruling politicians are now planning for them.

The politicians in Trosa intend to carry out a road project with the ongoing exploitation of our last coastal forests. The project does not solve experienced traffic problems, does not meet the climate targets and the road is not economically profitable.

Nature conservation authorities refuse to carry out environmental impact assessments and the project will charge taxpayers substantially both economically and environmentally.

They say that road and exploitation are needed for growth, even though they are already planning other exploitation that far exceeds decided growth targets.

So far, our population increase has resulted in increased strain on economics, schools, care, care for the elderly and large-scale public areas of nature have disappeared for the citizens. It is unclear when the promised profits according to their growth plans will come. The arguments of politicians are similar to lottery. Buy more bets, increasing your winning chances.

Our citizens are without real opportunities to influence even though our coastal forests, ecosystem services and health promotion outdoor values ​​are disappearing.

I wonder how Sweden will achieve the climate goals when the authorities, who specify how climate goals are to be achieved, do not follow them, but instead grant climate-friendly projects.

I wonder if it’s democratic to leave citizens without the opportunity to influence when it comes to projects that threaten our health and the environment.

To every politician in Trosa who wants to build new ways and exploit, I have following questions:

How will you explain your involvement in asphalting our last natural areas? Does your responsibility end with your own generation? What do you think your descendants want to prioritize?

When the next generation can vote, it’s too late! Let them decide what’s most important; natural areas or a few minutes’ time gain.

Do you really believe that extreme heat and water shortage nowadays is a temporary phenomenon?

You do not lose your face by stopping the project, instead, you win the next generation’s admiration for the courage to end the emission era.

Anna Bohlin

Please let me know what you think about the text. Is it a Save nature text or not? Is it hard to read, boring or really bad in other ways? I tried to get feedback from Save Trosa nature people, but very few of them answered, so I have no idea if it’s a good or bad text. Some said fantastic and others said well you know…and so on.

You are all wise people so maybe you can tell me 🙂

If you want to sign a petition to save Trosa nature read more here


17 thoughts on “Does your responsibility ends with your generation?”

  1. What a great text, dear Anna! You asked very good questions. I hope they make the responsible people think again.

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  2. The responsibility rests with each generation Anna. I love your thought “commuting by creating non-commute work, noise-free environments and emission-free transports that do not need new roads.” That is truly the way to go.

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  3. I personally think that our responsibility doesn’t have to end with our generation. We have to set a good landmark/path for the next generation to pick up where we left.

    I love ur concept. Great read and beautiful question asked

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