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No 36 drawing in my goals for 2018

Slowly I’m getting one drawing further in the series of drawings that will be 103 if I’ll continue my challenge to the end.

I make drawings  with inspiration from a Swedish space poem. It’s about a spaceship lost in space and the passengers try to find out what to do with the time they have left until the bitter end. Or maybe it’s not a bitter end. The last drawing isn’t done yet.

This verse is about something that could be a weird form of night club or something, it’s about goddess looking ladies and mirrors I think. It’s not an easy language to interpret. The author made up a language in some ways very similar to Swedish but in other ways totally spaced. 

So now I’m off for finishing drawing no 37. It’s in progress so I hope I can show you that one too one day.



16 thoughts on “No 36 drawing in my goals for 2018”

    1. Aniara. Trots att den är skriven för så länge sedan talar den om vår nutid. Den är helt fantastisk att måla bilder ifrån. Jag får så underliga bilder i huvudet när jag läser verserna, så jag har utmanat mig själv att försöka göra teckningar till var och en av verserna. Får se hur länge bilderna kommer till mig i huvudet.


  1. Smashing Anna! I so wish I could see you at our L’Art Caché next year. I truly love your work and would probably have several pieces hanging about my house if I had the means… C’est la vie. I look forward to each and every post you do. 🙂 x

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