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Clouds and rain

The other day a big cloud came up for the first time for many weeks of blue skies and heat temps around 30 C. We normally have around 20 C.

Yesterday more clouds visible and a little raining and far away thunder and lightning.

Today rain came for a little while.

After an hour it looked like this again.

Almost dry again. But a little rain is better than no rain. Today we had cooler weather too, that felt good.

They say we’re back at 30 C in coming week, puh! 

This was a good resting day from heat anyway.

Have a happy start of the week 🙂


9 thoughts on “Clouds and rain”

  1. Inget regn här tyvärr, men en del moln har passerat och åskan har mullrat en bit bort. Skönt med lite svalare väder, men tyvärr verkar det ju vara tillfälligt … suck

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    1. Hoppas att ni får regn snart. Det var skönt att det kom några droppar här. Lite svalare blev det också, men förmodligen bara tillfälligt. Gäller att ta vara på den tiden innan hettan kommer tillbaka!

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