Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 7-8 2018

Trees are a challenge to draw.

I like drawing trees obviously 🙂

Have a lovely day all of you!


18 thoughts on “Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 7-8 2018”

          1. That’s much more than I know.
            I’m quite happy that in restaurants they have the flower decorations separately so I know what is meant to be eaten and what not 😉

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    1. First drawing is little oak trees and the second one is pine trees at the sea. They don’t grow tall. Actually pine in Swedish is Tall but different pronunciation. If you skip a L you will probably get the right pronounce.

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      1. When we were walking last night we saw an Oak tree. It was huge it looked like there were four different trunks and it must have been over 50′ tall.

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            1. Back in the days when Swedish kings had real power the oaks was kings property. The oaks were used to build warships with.

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            2. Sweden built many oak ships back in the day. The most famous ship didn’t make it very far though. It went down in sea right after the first take off. It’s called Vasa and today it’s on land in Stockholm in a museum.

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