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Interesting news article at

Du kan just nu läsa en intressant artikel kring valet på
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At our local newspaper you can read an interesting article about the election issues in Sweden that takes place in the beginning of September.

Here’s a google translation of the text if you are interested in reading the article.

After the summer’s record drought, fires, feed shortage with threatening emergency slaughter of animals, politicians are now charging to attract the voters’ voices. Has the environmental disaster affected their message to the voters? At the national level, improved crisis preparedness and increased resources for firefighting are promised. Agriculture will receive disaster support but some long-term plans with credible promises have not been presented to voters. A stable economy is important for everyone in society, but it is threatened if environmental problems continue to grow.

Even local voters are waiting for a promise to handle the environmental situation. Conservation of forests and nature belongs to important measures. The municipal council has decided to build the new road to Western Trosa through one of the few natural areas near Trosa city. The intention of the project was initially to reduce traffic in central Trosa. The Swedish Transport Administration’s investigations, however, show the opposite. Traffic flows will not decrease. It is unclear whether the insight reached the decision-makers or, despite the information, we refuse to change the principle.

The parties that do not want road construction are V, MP and SD. During the last term of office, alliance parties have been in overwhelming majority, but voters may otherwise prioritize this year’s election.

Trosa Municipality has a history of grandiose plans that have been discontinued. The most spectacular was probably the artificial island in the harbor that the locals warned of because of the treacherous clay bottom off the harbor pier. The construction of the island started despite it, but eventually it was discontinued and the soil was removed. The consequence was that taxpayers suffered from increased costs.

Financing of the current project will be through the exploitation of areas west of Trosa. Residents who express their views are increasingly concerned that the exploitation is needed when housing will be built in Vagnhärad when the railway project Eastlink start to be built. The question of who will pay for entry until development revenue comes in is still unanswered from politicians.

Text and Photo: Mai Ottoson

Question: does your politicians listen to their voters?
Fråga: har ni politiker som lyssnar på väljarna.


12 thoughts on “Interesting news article at”

  1. Anna, it’s V, MP and SD who oppose the road. You’ll have to talk to them and give them your support. I’m glad that they are beginning to realize the importance of nature to the community.

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    1. We have talked to some of the V and MP politicians and they think we’re doing a great job. It’s very small parties though, but they do exist so if people don’t want to destroy nature they will gain votes I hope.
      We almost have a dictatorship in our municipality and that scares me. The majority has been far too long on their seats. They have developed hubris and the boss of the majority answers like a dictator when newspaper do interviews.

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