Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 11-12 2018

Outside drawing.

Inside drawing of outside view. 

It’s actually raing here! It’s fantastic and so good for nature. So far 13 millimetres and it’s still raining 🙂

This is a good morning indeed even if it means indoor staying if you don’t want to get all wet in the rain.



10 thoughts on “Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 11-12 2018”

  1. Härligt med en regnmätare som fortsätter att fyllas på av regnet – hoppas vi får lite mer av den varan här också 🙂
    Skönt djup i den första teckningen …fint med det stora trädet med de ytliga rötterna. Båda teckningarna är fina, men just denna gillar jag lite extra 🙂

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    1. Vad roligt att du gillar teckningen med de ytliga rötterna. Det är en stor tall som växer på en liten bergknalle. Kanske blir en teckning av hela den tallen någon annan morgon.

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  2. Some rain is predicted for our area. Perhaps sufficient to fill up the resevoir and allow our cascade to flow? Love the drawings Anna. Except for those exposed tree roots, it could have been drawn here. 🙂

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    1. I hope you get some rain. We got a little bit more rain here today and it feels so good. Trees near the sea in our archipelago often have roots above.

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      1. By car, it takes me about 15 minutes to get to the sea. It is very hilly here. I’ve lived in places where many roots were exposed but I haven’t seen them here. A few drops of rain here during the night… but it will come. It would be better now and not to close to the vendange (grape harvest).

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