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It’s spreading again to another newspaper

The open letter to all leaders is spreading again. Another local newspaper, SN has published the letter in Swedish. If you want the letter to spread even more, please visit the link to show your interest.

If you want to read and share the English version of the letter please visit the post

Det öppna brevet till alla ledare har spridit sig ytterligare. Ännu en lokal tidning har publicerat det. Vill du hjälpa till att sprida brevet kan du besöka SNs hemsida och dela insändaren.

Vill du dela ursprungligt inlägg med det öppna brevet kan du klicka på denna länk.

Together we can help Mother nature and ourselves to a better life in future.

Tillsammans kan vi hjälpa Moder natur och oss själva att häva klimateffekterna.


26 thoughts on “It’s spreading again to another newspaper”

            1. Keep up your good work. The trick is to never give up. We grow every day now a little step at the time. We need nature more than big roads, that’s for sure.

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  1. Anna, you might let your followers know that they shouldn’t be intimidated if they do not speak Swedish. Remember, I got through it… 😉

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      1. There was a link to show the letter in English but somehow I didn’t see it until after muddling my way through it with the help of google. 😉

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          1. I just thought I would mention it. For those of us speeding through a number of blogs and posts, there is a possibility of missing something that could make it easier to get through.

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