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Moon company Sällskap av månen

Suddenly a dear friend showed up in the evening. The moon 🙂

Plötsligt fick jag se min kompis månen. Det var länge sedan jag såg den.



24 thoughts on “Moon company Sällskap av månen”

      1. The other day we thought we were looking at the moon. It was so big and a very rare orange colour. Later I saw the moon and it was only a half moon. I think all the fires out west have been sending particulates out in the air and it was the sun we were looking at earlier.

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            1. You’re probably right about that. Is there still a lot of fires going on in your country? We have heard about your fires here in Sweden.

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            2. It’s so sad. Our fires are under control right now I think. The newspapers doesn’t write about it as much as they did during the summer.

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            3. Anna, this is nothing new for Canada. We have always had forest fires in the west in the summer. I think they could do some preventative measures by cleaning up the dead wood and brush.

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  1. Här såg jag månen skymta mellan träden sent igår kväll – visst känns månen som en vän som vakar över oss 🙂

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