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Smartare samhällsplanering – Climatesmart planning

SN har publicerat ett intressant inlägg från Ingrid Benson, som handlar om att vi borde samhällsplanera mer klimatsmart och inte bygga strukturer som medför ökat antal transporter. Ni finner inlägget på denna länk. Dela gärna vidare.

The local newspaper has published a text written by Ingrid Benson. It’s about how we should make city planning climatesmarter and not build new structures that leads to increase traffic. You can read it it swedish at this link. Maybe you can translate it with help from your browser translator.


20 thoughts on “Smartare samhällsplanering – Climatesmart planning”

            1. It certainly is! I will post about the development in our save Trosa nature campaign. It’s interesting news. The politicians have grown worried about our actions.

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          1. Its the same with all politicians and they blind people with ‘ double talk ‘ people need to listen to what they don’t say and not what they do …. So by attuning self to the words and the order they are spoken and then we listen to their heart and its tells us thanks to God wether they are being truthful ….. The ❤️ knows only three things … whats was … what is … and what will be as we feel all these … Amen

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