Could this work? Save the planet

Could this work? Save the planet part 1

This is a repost. This worked for us. Noicefree summer and lots of exercise 🙂

Maybe this drawing idea will be a series of drawings. We’ll see how it goes.

This season we will try a different approach to the mow lawn issue. We go for the green alternative as a try. So far the experience has been good. You should try it. It’s fun actually if you like fresh air, no noicy environment and some exercise without really thinking about it and no messy petrol filling.

There’s other ways to save the planet, I know, but every little thing we do in the right direction will be a big change eventually. 

Do you have a save the planet idea? Please tell us. I might do a drawing of the idea if you let me.



25 thoughts on “Could this work? Save the planet part 1”

    1. I know. We felt the same. Then we suddenly remembered the sound of the neighbors non motorised cutter from our childhood and then we thought why not try this again forty years later. We will see after this season what we think. So far it’s been a nice experience.

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  1. Jag har en manuell gräsklippare, och det är inte bara til att rulla. Man får dra den fram och tillbaka över samma plats. Klippte häcken häromdagen en rätt hög häck med en vanlig manuell sax. Nästa gång den ska klippas ska det inhandlas en elektriskt sax.😊

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    1. Ja manuella gräsklippare ger motion ute i friska luften. Häck är inte kul att klippa med manuell sax, så jag förstår planen till nästa klippning. Håll koll på kabeln bara, den klipper man väldigt lätt av!

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        1. Exactly. This summer is dry so the grass doesn’t grow that much, so it will be interesting to see if the rain comes and the grass grows more. Then it will be exercise for real!

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    1. This summer is not a fair tryout period. The dryness have made the grass grow almost nothing for a long time and the grass haven’t grown everywhere as usual. Some spots have been very easy to cut. A normal summer the area is quite big, so we’ll have to se next summer how it goes then.

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      1. We had quite a bit of rain. My Mom used to use one of those for her lawn when she was a kid. Her lawn back then was bigger than ours now, but still I am thinking our lawn is a little big to be using a push mower.

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        1. Probably. We have big areas, but not in one place so we can cut one section at the time. We let it take the time it takes. No pressure. We will continue our tryout next summer. The grass didn’t grow that much this year because of heat and dry weather.

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  2. a push mower is a nice idea if it is practical for your size yard. it’s impractical for my place but I do have mulching blades so all of the clippings are recycled back as food for my lawn. 🙂 “pling”

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    1. We have a big area usually to cut, but this summer the grass haven’t grown that much in long periods. So we’ll have to try next year too and see if this works long term.


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