Down hill stats – skidbackestatistik

This happens when I’m not hanging our here with you blog friends during a couple of days.

Det här händer med statistiken när jag inte interagerar med er bloggvänner på några dagar.

I have an art project to finish so my blog time is very limited right now. I miss you all, so I will be back for sure. Soon I hope. I also hope you are ok everybody. Usually I find that our by reading your blogs, but when I’m not around I miss that check up.

Jag har ett konstprojekt att färdigställa så tiden att blogga har krympt från normal nivå en aning. Jag hoppas att ni alla mår bra. Det brukar framgå av era bloggar som jag vanligtvis läser, men när jag inte hinner med det står jag där ovetande. Jag hoppas att jag snart kan återvända till vanliga bloggrutiner.


9 thoughts on “Down hill stats – skidbackestatistik”

    1. Thank you so much for caring. You are right. Stats goes up and down and it’s nothing to worry about. I just wanna show that if you do want stats to grow, you have to be interactive in the blogsphere. Stats don’t grow in its own. I don’t care for stats anymore, I care for the bloggers I talk to in the comments and when I visit other blogs and leave comments over there.


      1. yes – and you are right – need to be active – and just FYI – you did not imply that you were a stats driven person – and the whole tone of your post here was actually revelaing you were not but you seemed to be letting readers know you were not abandoning them – and it was from the point of view of a blogger who cares about the followers – ya know?
        and further, it kind of does matter to readers – to know why a blogger is missing or on break – and so the post was well done –

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          1. I agree – and I am getting ready to take a few weeks off myself – and I don’;t want to either. But must….
            a short trip and then “stuff” to do
            anyhow, glad to connect today and hope your day goes well

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