Morning drawings – morgonteckningar September 29-30 2018

This came out wrong and I couldn’t fix it so I gave up.

Den här hamnade snett från början och det gick inte att reparera, så jag gav upp.

I did a drawing of my own paintings on the wall. Weird feeling.

Jag tecknade mina egna målningar som hänger på en vägg. En underlig känsla.


7 thoughts on “Morning drawings – morgonteckningar September 29-30 2018”

  1. Reverse of wrong is right and everything is built on this earth in the image of God … for instance kick a rock for millions of years and its dust reverse it kick dust and it becomes a rock again: Its only mankind that destroys and consumes …. animals take what they need not want Amen 🙏

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    1. I agree. We are a destruction force on earth, but if we could make some effort to use our tiny brains just a little bit more we could change that to being planet attendants.


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