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Inlägg På DN Åsikt! Save Trosa Nature In a Big Newspaper!


DN åsikt kan ni just nu läsa ett inlägg i klimatdebatten, som jag har skrivit. Besök gärna inlägget och läs om ni vill. Gillar ni inlägget får ni gärna dela det.

Alla har också fortfarande möjlighet att göra som 544 andra redan har gjort – undertecknat Avbryt infart Trosa

Om ni vill läsa mer om Gretas klimatkamp och hennes familj kan jag rekomendera deras bok Scener ur hjärtat. Det går efter att ha läst den inte längre att ignorera klimatfrågan och fortsätta med sina bortförklaringar och undanflykter. Har vi inte börjat minska våra utsläpp redan bör vi göra det nu med det samma. Jag kommer inte till någon annan slutsats. Jag har börjat med att damma av min cykel och provcyklat några turer. Det går alldeles utmärkt att ta cykeln istället för bilen under milen. jag kommer att fortsätta försöka byta ut bilresor mot cykelresor. Frisk luft och motion får jag som belöning 🙂

A swedish book written by the opera singer Malena Ernman and her family. I don’t think it’s published in English yet. One of her daughters is Greta in the text below.

At one of the Swedish national wide newspaper website you can find a letter to editor about climate changes and also save Trosa nature movement, that I have written. If you can’t read Swedish here’s a google translation.

Greta is sitting outside the Swedish parliament every Friday because decision-makers do not understand a simple truth. Our emissions must be down to zero.

We live in the denial stage since Greta’s relative Svante Arrhenius 122 years ago discovered the impact of the emissions on the climate. High time to put in treatment for our emission abuse.

When you make the first step, you acknowledge the problems and inform family and friends. -We must reduce our emissions.

In the next step, you actually start the change. Your friends show no interest in supporting you. You ignore their patronising comments and move on.

At step three you stop flying, replace fossil transports against emission-free and sometimes don’t traveling at all. You think about your fossil imprint.

In step four, you see politicians running projects that the climate requirements do not approve. You address this and ask them to stop the projects. You will at this stage find new friends who support your case.

You meet politicians, authorities and net trolls who try to scare you away. You are told that you lack legitimacy to address the shortcomings.

At step five suddenly, the previously unbreakable denial group appears nervous. Group principle cracks in the seams. The facts get outbreakers to speak up. The common sense is taking over and more people are about to face the first step in the recovery program – the recognition of the problems.

Greta sits at the Parliament House and in Trosa municipality, over 500 people of all ages have recognized the problems by signing the petition “Save Trosa nature”. Our politicians are barricading in the denial stage by planning exploitation that will increase emissions, despite the fact that the municipality has plenty of climate-friendly alternatives to expansion.

How many Greta persons feel powerless when decision makers close citizens out of decisions that counteract climate goals?

We all need to consider the membership of the denial group. We should probably abandon that group and acknowledge that we need treatment for our emission abuse. What do you think?

Anna Bohlin, Trosa

There’s still time to sign the Save Trosa nature petition at
So far 544 persons from all over the world have supported the petition.


8 thoughts on “Inlägg På DN Åsikt! Save Trosa Nature In a Big Newspaper!”

        1. I know. It is sad they stopped because nobody was listening. Is that really a reason to stop, I wonder. What if they had continued even if nobody listened back then?

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