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#FridaysForFuture November 30, 2018

My day started with finding a letter to editor in the local newspaper from one of my Save Trosa nature friends Ingrid Benson.

Min dag började med att jag läste en insändare i SN från min klimatmålsmedkämpe Ingrid Benson.

Google translation without editing, sorry for bad english.

Debate: “We need to stand up for the climate – especially in Trosa”

Climate change affects everyone no matter where the emissions take place. Most affected by the young in society. It is the ones who get the consequences of what we are doing today.

“What you do now, we can not change children when we grow older.” Says Greta Thunberg

What can we do?

Transport is the sector that accounts for the clearest emissions of greenhouse gases and here our car runner plays a major role. To counter climate change requires a radical change of our society and our lifestyle. It means personal sacrifice.

Trosa is a commuter district and while there are public transport, most people prefer to go by car. There are more cars per person in Trosa than in the rest of the country and the number of cars only increases. Even the mileage increases.

What measures are planned to reduce greenhouse gases in the municipality?

The most important measure, according to Trosa’s Energy and Climate Plan (EC) from June 2018, is to “successfully replace the city’s fleet of vehicles with fossil-free vehicles and to drive on renewable fuels.” It is good that the municipality is the forerunner of the conversion, but it is not enough.

Why is the car used so much right in Trosa?

First of all, its geographical location, the road ends here, at the end of the world.
The second is that most people living in Trosa work elsewhere. They drive a car, primarily to Stockholm, Södertälje and Nyköping.

The small town of Trosa attracts and many want to move here. But where should the homes be built? The municipality says in the EC plan that the building structure is of major importance for transport needs and social planning is one of the most important tools for achieving reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The most important measure under the EC plan is that new exploration takes place through densification and, if possible, the exploitation will be done from the inside out.

One can therefore question why Trosa municipality plans for a rural community with 670 permanent houses on the Tureholm Peninsula, far from the urban areas. Tureholmshalvön is an archipelago lake in southern Trosa, where there are today some single houses, especially holiday homes. No public transport, no service, no schools and a bad road, Utterviksvägen. It is necessary for 2 cars per household, which means approximately 1300 cars that have to be car-shifted to work and service daily. The distance to the nearest town of Trosa is about 10 km and the car journey usually ends there, but continues towards Vagnhärad another 10 km away.

Eliminating plans for the exploitation of the Tureholm Peninsula is the most important municipality can do for future generations. The ability to influence climate change is also easier than solving the current situation. The municipality has to think longer and less on quick profits.

We who can influence the development today must act NOW, global warming must be stopped at +1.5 degrees – that is the Paris agreement’s goal. Can not wait.

Take the opportunity to demonstrate for the climate now on Friday 30 November in the “Fridays For Futures” demonstration in Trosa outside the municipality at 11-13.

Ingrid Benson

Then I went through the day without possibility to appear on a #FridaysForFuture demonstration.

Sen gick dagen till en massa annat, så jag missade tillfället att dyka upp på en #FridaysForFuture demonstration.

People from everywhere in the world demonstrated today. Just read this

But I had my own little demonstration in the #FridaysForFuture spirit. I wrote our politicians.

Men jag demonstrerade på sätt och vis ändå genom att skriva till våra politiker ännu en gång.

Bästa beslutsfattare,

Jag vill göra er uppmärksamma på #FridaysForFuture.
Kan ni tänka er att ägna tid åt att lyssna på Greta Thunberg, som har viktiga saker att säga till er?
Se videon från DNs klimatkväll 2018.
Gretas tal inleder kvällen, men hela programmet har övertygande budskap att ge er.
Gör klimatfrågorna en tjänst, ta er tid att se programmet. Ni kan göra skillnad.

Fundera sedan över vad just du kan göra. I bifogad fil följer en påminnelse av det öppna brev jag sände till er tidigare i år.

Planerna på att exploatera Tureholmshalvön i Trosa innebär minst 1300 nya bilar i kommunen. Bilar i Sverige går i snitt 1200 mil per år. Det innebär att ni planerar för en framtid där nybyggnation genererar 1 560 000 bil-mil ytterligare per år. En miljon femhundra sextio tusen mil per år.
Lägg därtill alla mil som byggnationstiden kommer att medföra i material- och hantverkartransporter.
Hur försvarar ni det beslutet klimatmålsmässigt?

Ni har ännu tid att lämna den omoderna samhällsplaneringsmetoden bakom er och medverka till de stora strukturomställningarna, som inte längre är ett av många alternativ utan det enda, om vi ska uppnå klimatmålen i tid. Det är bråttom.

I Trosas klimatplan har ni redan angivit lösningarna.
Avbryt exploateringsplanerna på Tureholmshalvön och följ klimatplanen.

Klimatfrågan är inte en höger-vänsterfråga. Det är en moralfråga.

Vem är du?
Den som väntar på att andra ska börja eller den som vaknar först och leder förändringsarbetet framåt?

Är du Trosa kommuns Greta?

Vänliga hälsningar

Anna Bohlin

Best decision makers,

I would like to draw your attention to #FridaysForFuture.
I ask you to spend time listening to Greta Thunberg, who has important things to say to you.
Watch the video from DN’s climate evening 2018.
Greta’s speech begins the evening, but the whole program has convincing message to give you.
Give climate issues a chance, see the program. You can make a difference.

Then think about what you can do. The attached file follows a reminder of the open letter I sent to you earlier this year.

The plans to exploit the Tureholm Peninsula in Trosa mean at least 1300 new cars in the municipality. Cars in Sweden average 12000 kilometers per year. This means that you are planning for a future where new construction generates 15 600 000 car-kilometers a year. Fifteen miljon sixhundred thousand kilometers a year.
Add the kilometers that construction time will result in material- and craft transport.
How do you defend that decision according to climate goals?

You still have time to leave the outdated social planning method behind you and contribute to the major structural changes, which are no longer one of many alternatives, but the only, if we are to achieve the climate targets in time. It is urgent.

In Trosa’s climate plan you have already stated the solutions.
Cancel the exploitation plans on the Tureholm Peninsula and follow the climate plan.

The climate issue is not a political right-left question. It is a moral issue.

Who are you?
The one waiting for others to start or the one who wakes up first and leads the transition work forward?

Are you Trosa municipality Greta?


Anna Bohlin

And then I added a drawing and open letter to all leaders.

How was your day? Any #FridaysForFuture people at your place? It would be nice to hear how far out in the world this movement has spread.

Have a great weekend start!


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