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“I only talk when I have something to say”

Do yourself a big favor. Watch Greta Thunbergs TED talk. If you watch the whole video you will be moved at the end of the talk, I say. Give next generation a chance to survive.

What’s your ideas of action taking?

I have started to replace car travels under 10 kilometers with bicycle rides. That works fine. I get more fresh air, light form of exercise and so many “wow! you actually done what the rest of us also should do” comments. I haven’t discovered the downside of bicycling yet. I only experienced upsides so far. 

I could do so much more probably but this is a start to decrease pollution.


11 thoughts on ““I only talk when I have something to say””

    1. I agree. She is the future and that’s inspirational. Maybe wise girls will rule the world next generation. Like Malala and Greta persons. That could be interesting to see how a world like that would be.

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  1. She is fabulous and pointed in her words. There is so much we can do, that is fun, like bike riding! I love bikes but now I’m travelling I tend to walk a lot, take buses and hitch-hike. All very fun options. Keep creating!

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  2. I cycle everyday. The downside of it is when the tire flat:( like last weekend ad ended up I had to walked home with the bike in tow. or when it is rain… brr… hate it.

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    1. I know the feeling. So far I’ve been lucky. No incidents with cycle yet. But I guess it’s a question of time. I will experience bad cycle days too in the future if I keep cycling.


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