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Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul

Repost from 2016

Santas head

Not many days left to Christmas now. The Christmas songs echoing in my head constantly.

This is one of them. A Swedish classic Christmas song. You can read a translation below the Swedish text.

av Edvard Evers

Jul, jul, strålande jul, glans över vita skogar,
himmelens kronor med gnistrande ljus.
glimmande bågar i alla Guds hus,
psalm, som är sjungen från tid till tid,
eviga längtan till ljus och frid!
Jul, jul, strålande jul: glans över vita skogar!

Kom, kom, signade jul! Sänk dina vita vingar
över stridernas blod och larm,
över all suckan ur människobarm,
över de släkten som gå till ro,
över de ungas dagande bo!
Kom, kom, signade jul, sänk dina vita vingar!

Google translated:
Christmas, Christmas, radiant Christmas,
By Edvard Evers

Christmas, Christmas, radiant Christmas, gloss over white forests,
heaven crowns with sparkling light.
gleaming arcs in all God’s house,
hymn, which is sung from time to time,
eternal yearning for light and peace!
Christmas, Christmas, radiant Christmas: gloss over white woods!

Come, come, designed Christmas! Lower your white wings
the battles of blood and alarms,
of all groaning from the human breast,
of genera that go to rest,
of young people dagande stay!
Come, come, designed christmas, lower your white wings!

I like the time around Christmas. This year have been busy at work time and will be until the very last day before Christmas, so the Christmas preparations will be what I have time left for.

I miss you right now because I haven’t had the time to visit your blogs that much lately, but I will be around all Christmas now and then and I hope I will get time to some blog reading. It’s so fun to check out how you’re doing in your corner of the world.



7 thoughts on “Swedish Christmas song Jul jul strålande jul”

  1. It sounds like a beautiful language! I enjoyed the Christmas Song!! It’s a pleasure to read your posts! And always enjoy your comments! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Christmas and new year! Thank you so much for kind words. I appreciate your blog and comments too. It’s so nice to be here in a friendly corner of the blogsphere 🙂


      1. It is nice to have friends like you! You’re welcome for “the kind words”which you deserve! I am sure the people you are surrounded with appreciate your kindness!! Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!! Hugs from Millersburg, OH ! Marland

        Liked by 1 person

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