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8 Simple Tips For Living A Better Life With MS (or any disease really)

Excellent tips! Maybe it is good new years resolutions even for those of us who don´t have diseases. Happy new healthy year!
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8 Simple Tips For Living A Better Life With MS

My symptoms began in 2007 while I was on vacation in Florida. Little did I know at that time that my world would change forever with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I have experienced an array of symptoms and have found some fairly successful habits I have used to help offset the side effects of MS. Here are some simple tips for living a better life with MS:

Walk every day

One of the goals I have for myself is to walk every single day without exception. Evelina and I have a dog and he requires being walked which guarantees I’ll be outside at some point taking a stroll. For those who cannot walk I recommend standing up and sitting down or maybe doing leg and arm lifts. Even if you are confined to a wheelchair, you can do some…

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