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Something weird with my stats – mysko statistik 

Normally when I don’t have time for blogging the interacting way stats go down.

Vanligtvis sjunker statistiken när jag inte interagrerar i mitt bloggande.

That’s how it should be. If you’re not press like on other bloggers posts and leave comments they won’t find you.

Det ska funka så. Om du inte gillar andra bloggposter eller lämnar kommentarer hittar inte andra bloggare din blogg.

But now my stats increase even if I’m not here very often. I will return as aoon as I have the time. 

Men nu stiger statistiksiffrorna fast jag inte gör så mycket mer än nya inlägg. Jag kommer tillbaka så snart jag kan och besöker era bloggar när jag får tid till det igen.

I’ve learned stats is not to be trusted. Just blog and have fun, never mind the stats.

Min slutsats: lita inte på statistiken, blogga och ha kul bara, strunta i statistiken.


17 thoughts on “Something weird with my stats – mysko statistik ”

            1. I use the app on my old ipad because it’s faster than the browser. But in the app I don’t see the blog themes, just the posts one by one in wp app format. That’s a downside. It’s easy to find comments field though, that’s upside 🙂

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            2. I recognize that problem but don’t know how to fix it. It seems I have to go to blogs through app where I’m inlogged or via wp admin in browser. Weird.

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