Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar April 19 2019

Leslie told me about hot cross buns. I didn’t know what it was, so I googled and found a recipe I tried. So today, Good Friday I will try them.

Leslie berättade om hot cross buns. Jag visste inte vad det var, så jag googlade, fann ett recept som jag prövade. Idag på långfredagen ska jag provsmaka och se hur de blev.

Happy Easter to you all! Glad påsk till er alla!

Hur firar du påsken, eller firar du någon annan högtid istället?

How do you celebrate Easter or do you celebrate another holiday instead?


12 thoughts on “Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar April 19 2019”

  1. Nu blev jag också tvungen att googla … ser goda ut!
    Vi tar det lugnt med helgfiranden numer … 🙂
    Glad Påsk till dig också, Anna! 🙂

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    1. Det blev goda bullar så de måste jag nog baka någon mer gång. Glad påsk till dig också. Här har vi vårvärme så nu borde bina flytta in i hotellen snart tycker jag.

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  2. Happy Easter Annas. I grew up believing that Jesus was crucified on a Friday and rose from the dead on a Sunday. During my childhood we would have Easter Buns on Good Friday and then have Easter Eggs on Sunday. There are discrepancies. I read today from another blogger that Jesus died on a Wednesday and then was resurrected on a Saturday. I am now feeling confused. No Easter Buns at my place because I don’t like them. I do have a chocolate egg filled with pineapple lumps given to me by a kind friend , not to be opened until Sunday.

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    1. Chocolate eggs with pineapple sounds delicious. I don’t think anyone really knows what day mr Jesus died. I think you can hold on to your belief it was a Friday.

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