Open letter to all Leaders – Time’s up

If you wanna spread this letter, you are welcome to share it worldwide. Tag it with #timesup if you want. If you want to make a translation of the text to other languages and share it, do it. We all have to help out saving our planet. This is one way among millions to help.

The image is free to share.



25 thoughts on “Open letter to all Leaders – Time’s up”

  1. Reblogged this on aspiblog and commented:
    Please read and share Anna’s wonderful open letter to leaders. Note that this is Anna’s work and that therefore I am closing comments, as those should go direct to the original.

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  2. Added this to newsdesk hope it gets lots of a shares on the twitter site …. But personally l believe only God can save the planet he gave us now and people need to realise that all that wanting for greater mammon has led to the decline and falll, not just of Rome but every nation since the day Adam fell from grace … Amen 🙏

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