Ta en SUP – Take a shot

Today I saw something unusual for the season. We’re in the middle of winter. Water is about 4 C. The sea is blank. Almost no wind. Would your first idea be to take a SUP (stand up paddling) tour on the water? I say brrrr! But one man obviously did think the tour was a great idea. Probably as long as he did not fall in the water.
SUP in Swedish also means shot or drink. So the Swedish text about this photo will be on a Take a shot theme. I don’t know what is the riskiest thing to do, take a shot (alcohol) or take SUP tour in winter with no boats in sight that can help you if you fall in water. But it was fun to see someone paddle in total freedom in beautiful nature.
Begreppet jul/nyårsSUP har fått en ny innebörd. Numera kan man tydligen ta en nykter SUP (StandUpPaddling) ute på vattnet i vintervädret. Möjligen får man en rejäl kall-SUP om man trillar i, hihihi! Vad som innebär mest risk av att ta en klassisk sup eller ta en SUP-tur i fyragradigt vatten får ni avgöra själva. Det var ändå kul att se någon paddla i juletider. En ovanlig syn.
Our winter is weird this year. Australia has far too warm weather and so do we in Scandinavia. We should have minus degree C, but instead we have plus degrees most days. Rain instead of snow too. Global warming is definitely here this year. It’s okay for us now, but I wonder what it would be like in summer time. We’ll wait and see.

9 thoughts on “Ta en SUP – Take a shot”

  1. From Tubularsock’s vantage point, Tubularsock would suggest three neat shots THEN go out and if you then fall in 4C water you’ll cause stream.

    And what is better than a good stream?

    Dare Tubularsock suggest 5 shots ……. at that point you believe you can walk on water!

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  2. Beautiful shot! The man taking SUP must be very courageous and an expert. By the way, we are having colder temperature in Southern Italy in these last couple of days. Yesterday it was 9.5° C, while we had temperatures between 17°/even 20°C during this last December and soon it should be warmer again. Bizarre weather!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2020!

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