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First blogger ever?

Do you know his name?


He started his blog all alone.


Then he searched and gain one follower.


Slowly he founded more followers.


After a while he gained a whole bunch of followers, who in return recomended many more to follow the first blogger ever.


The blogger wandered his own way, with a lot of help from his followers, who spread his posts.


The blogger became really popular and his posts were spread everywhere. He had his own voice. He was something new, the followers thought.


All followers and bloggers know what happens to popular bloggers, right?


Yes, exactly right. The trolls came.


They try to shut his blog down. They even try to talk him down. They called him names, but he left them without answer. He defeated them with his silence.


The trolls were such horror evils, that his followers didn’t know how to put a stop to the madness and the bullying. They were sad enough far too scared to think straight.


The trolls did finally find a way to put the first blogger ever down. They killed him in public.


So they thought anyway…


But as you know. A blogger never gives his dream up, and neither did the first blogger ever.


He and his first follower are to thank for carrying forward the first blogposts ever, until this day and probably forever.


Do you know his name?

The first blogger ever?


Anna 2015-04-03


If He comes back, will we notice Him? (Sold)

68 thoughts on “First blogger ever?”

    1. I’m having a bit of a trouble to see your image. But I think You might have caught the right one. The first blogger ever spread his posts world wide without being alive at the time and without computer device and internet connection. How he and his followers managed that is a miracle!

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        1. By the way, if you were the first blogger, you’d be dead, so that’s very good you’re not. But maybe you are kind of the blogger Jesus. That’s a very good thing to be. He was opinionated man too 😀

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  1. OK, I want to read the new stuff from the very first blogger ever, especially if it’s Jesus. What’s he writing nowadays? Or has he been on a sabbatical leave a few days? I’ve read a lot at, but I do think I’d like to read something a bit more 21st century. Right many of his “followers,” they like to call themselves, seem to do a crappy job of representing him I think. What have you got?

    Jag ser fram emot att läsa mer från dig! Enjoyed this post and a few others already.

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    1. Interesting thoughts. I never thought about continue ” First blogger ever”. But now you made me think. I have to learn more about Jesus before I get into further writing. It could be interesting to find new angles in this two thousand year old history. Tack!

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    1. He’s in the painting. It’s Jesus, or as Jim suggested, the first blogger could have been those who did cave paintings back in the stone age 🙂


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