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Lemur and puffin together – lemur och lunnefågel i samma bild?

A new suggestion came up from one of my friends. En ny tanke kom från en av mina vänner.

Put the lemur and puffin together in one picture. Sätt lemuren och lunnefågeln bredvid varandra i samma bild.

For those of you who haven’t a clue of what I’m talking about. Read the post Help me choose picture. Läs inlägget Hjälp mig välja bild om ni undrar vad detta inlägg handlar om.

I found an old catalog on the net. Jag hittade en tidigare upplaga av  utställningstidningen på nätet. Here it is if you want to see how they exhibit the participants. Här kan ni se den om ni vill se hur presentationen brukar se ut.

I have until Friday to decide. Jag har till fredag att bestämma mig.

What do you think? And thanks to all of you who left a comment in previous posts about this. Vad tycker du? Tack alla ni som lämnat kommentarer i tidigare inlägg om detta.


Here’s some of the other pictures in the race. Här kommer några av övriga bilder som fortfarande  ligger kvar på listan.

8 thoughts on “Lemur and puffin together – lemur och lunnefågel i samma bild?”

    1. Yes I agree. It’s lovely to have so many friends that wants to help. This is how the world should be. Helpful and friendly. Our blogsphere is a peace project 🙂

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  1. An interesting idea. My vote still goes to the giraffe but the Puffin/Lemur combo does work (could you try combining one of these two with the giraffe or even providing a three piece picture – Puffin/Giraffe/Lemur or Lemur/Giraffe/Puffin – with two colour and one b&w the b&w would have go in the centre splitting the two colour pics I think).

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