What ever

Mother Nature fighting a big virus?

Can it be like this, the weird times we all experience now?

Mother Nature has discovered the big C on her body, planet Earth. The Covid-19 virus helps her to get rid of the big C by fighting the deadly big C cells that eating her body up.

I guess you already know who the big C deadly cells are in this play with thoughts. Exactly, the human race. We are like big C cells on planet Earth, Mother Nature.

Maybe we’re going through a big C treatment for Earth where we are the ones who Mother nature wants to vanish to be able to heal.

Maybe this is the sign for us to really take climate changes seriously and stop hurting Mother Nature.

Maybe we could mutate to friendly cells instead of being deadly ones.

How about that?

I hope you are all okay. I’m fine so far.


19 thoughts on “Mother Nature fighting a big virus?”

  1. It seems to me that the only certainty about the post Covid-19 world is that it will not be ‘back to normal’ – many things will be changed beyond all recognition. If humanity fails to heed the alarm call of this virus there will be worse disasters to come.

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    1. Thank you very much for Keith Haring comment. I had to google Haring and then I found I have seen his art but didn’t remember his name. Great art.

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  2. I do not agree mother nature is suffering, humans are! We are the ones responsible for all the pollution and global warming, mother nature is cleaning herself. She’s doing what she should, she knows how to get back her beauty. We have destroyed her beauty, but we forgot about her powers.

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    1. Watch this. We need nature but nature don’t need us. It’s a very thoughtful short movie where Nature is speaking, Julia Roberts is Mother nature. Powerful Mother nature talk.

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      1. Yeah I’ve already watched it, i agree with it we need nature, I am jus saying mother nature is not fighting the virus, we are! Mother Nature is cleaning herself and I’m happy for her

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