What ever

It’s everywhere! – Det är överallt!

C markt, C-märkt, Vinegar, ättikssprit, cinnamon, kanel, yarn, garn

Everywhere I go where I live we find C stuff. Isn’t it creepy?

Var jag än går där jag bor finner vi C-märkta saker. Lite läskigt va?

I hope you all are okay in this trying times.

Jag hoppas ni har det bra i dessa prövotider.


14 thoughts on “It’s everywhere! – Det är överallt!”

    1. I know what you mean. It’s constant news here too and I understand it’s important to write articles about it but it’s the only subject they write about these days. I want to read and hear other news too, but that seems almost impossible to find.

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        1. I agree. Here they have cut down democrazy in the name of virus fighting for no resonable reson. They had enough power to fight that invisible enemy before so they didn’t have to take such action.

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          1. I saw a video of police actions that were very severe and it was an over reach of their authority. Someone here got a fine for $800. for roller blading all by himself in a vacant parking lot. How is that endangering anyone?

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            1. Unbelievable. We are kind of lucky so far in Sweden. We have space enough to be outside without danger and were allowed to be so. I understand it’s different in other countries.


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