Challenges, drawings

No 51-58 drawings in my goals for 2020

No 52

Memory of a beautiful lady the storyteller says

No 51

Memories of ladies gone long ago

No 53 

The wonder and thoughts of a spear going through space

No 54 a

Dinner with scientists in dictator garden

No 54 b

A beautiful girl trapped by a dragon in dictator garden 

No 55

Narcissists mocking a storytelling astronomer

No 56

The space epos storyteller meets mocking dictator 

No 57

Beautywoman died of overdose and buried in flames

No 58

Singing lady in sect meeting. Choir lift her up with voices sounding like storm wind. Thousands of lights light up thousands of ikons.
This I’ve been doing since last time I was here blogging. Sorry for not being around that often. I miss you all, so I will be back when I find the time for blogging 🙂


13 thoughts on “No 51-58 drawings in my goals for 2020”

    1. I know about the schedule post thing. I just don’t have much time for scheduling either for the moment but I will think about it so thanks for the tip 🙂

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  1. Your drawings have come a long way from when you first started showing them in your blog (all those years ago!). I don’t know how you keep coming up with the ideas.

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    1. Something happens in my picture brain when I read the space epos that I take inspiration from. It’s some kind of magic I think. I can’t explain how I managed to find pictures in my head for all verses. I very much enjoy this drawing journey. I have updated the post with more info of what’s behind the pictures now.

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