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Bloggers sail around the world

This is a repost of a previous post but I still think it’s accurate.
We bloggers are internet sailors. We try to reach the world by, kind of, sailing around the world, without leaving our own enviroment.

We don’t need an expensive big boat to cross the ocean. We don’t have to fix what’s broken on a boat after a hard saling in full storm. We don’t even have to feel alone, if we don’t want to, of course.

Our posts is like new harbor arrivals. We meet new people and people we met before. We meet and greet and then sail away to discover new blogs.

After a couple of rounds around the world we may notice that we’ve been in several countries and maybe more countries, than we’ve thought.

The stats show us which countries our blog visitors are from. Though I’ve learned that not every view counts in the stats, so the stats tells us a number that’s below our real numbers. So if you think your stats isn’t correct, you actually can be totally right.

My stats says that visitors from 38 (now 146) countries have read my blog. That’s amazing to me. I very seldom visit other countries IRL, so it’s really fun being connected with the world like this, instead. Suits me very well, and it’s really nice “meeting” all of you and read your blogs 🙂

So keep internet sailing with your blogs and we soon meet again in the comments harbors 😀


Sail around the world segla jorden runt
To sail,around the world


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