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White tailed eagle – havsörn

Some days are magic in archipelago.

Somliga dagar uppstår en stunds magi i skärgården.

Like when you see a white tailed eagle.

Som när du får se en havsörn på nära håll.



17 thoughts on “White tailed eagle – havsörn”

  1. What a treat! A great post and finding you again. I don’t know where your posts have been going but I haven’t seen them in too long a time. Perhaps I need to press the follow button again? All the best my friend. 😉

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    1. Great to hear from you again! I’ve been out of blogging a long time. There’s so much mustdothings so I haven’t had much time for blogging. That’s probably why you don’t have seen my posts.

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      1. It is just so wonderful to hear from you and I’m really loving the beautiful music you shared. I believe this is the second artist I began following after learning of them from you. I also enjoy Tommy Korberg whom we have shared in the past. 🙂 💜

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          1. That would be exciting. I still hope one day to visit Sweden. There is so much creative expression of a very high caliber. I am grateful to you for sharing it. xx

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