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Klimatflyktingar – climate crisis refugees 

In my town Trosa Sweden there’s an exhibition on the theme be creative during the pandemic.

I min hemstad Trosa pågår en utställning under konstens vecka med temat kreativt under pandemin.

Many local artist have been creative my self included.

Många lokala konstnärer har antagit utmaningen och så även jag.

The exhibition shows the art pieces.

Utställningen visar verken.

My contribution is this piece.

Mitt bidrag ser ut så här.

It’s a picture of an island in my town where cormorants and egrets lives. The white tailed eagle is often above the island searching for food.

Bilden föreställer Snöholmen i Trosa där skarvar och hägrar bor. Havsörnen seglar ofta ovanför och spanar efter mat.

Many people are angry because of the cormorants destroying the island trees. They say it’s the cormorants fault. But I say it’s mankinds fault because of exploitation of the cormorants home before they moved to the island outside our town. They are climate refugees I say.

Många ogillar skarvarnas närvaro på ön eftersom de förstör grönskan och träden. De som ogillar skarvarna säger att det är skarvarnas fel att öns växlighet dör. Jag säger att det är människans fel. Exploatering av skarvarnas ursprungshem har drivit skarvarna till att flytta till Snöholmen. De är klimatflyktingar.

Think about it for a while. Maybe you also have animals on the run because of the climate crisis?

Fundera gärna över tankegångarna en stund. Kanske har ni också djur som behöver fly och söka nya hem på grund av klimatkrisen?

My embroidery artwork. Mitt broderiarbete.


8 thoughts on “Klimatflyktingar – climate crisis refugees ”

    1. Thanks. Yes it’s sad how mankind destroy what keeping us alive. My artwork on the exhibition found a new owner. That was unexpected and fun.

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  1. Humans are the worst guest that have been inflicted on the planet. Yet we insist on trying to conquer other planets while destroying our own. It doesn’t belong to us. We are poor guardians and it has suffered much on our watch. I love your picture that honors the beauty entrusted to our care. You do it with love. xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much. My artwork got many friendly words at the exhibition. The embroidery found a new owner that liked my work and the thoughts the picture creates.

      Liked by 1 person

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