Music inspiration, Pastel paintings


Stars above Lagnö/Stjärnor över Lagnö 

Welcome to november. Välkommen till november.

Still pretty warm here in my part of Sweden, about 10C in the days.

Ganska varmt fortfarande här i min del av landet, ca 10C.

But it’s short days this time of years. Sun goes up at 7 and down before 16 and we’ll gettimg darker folowing weeks, but then we come to winter solstice. Then we get longer days again 🙂

Men så korta dagar denna tid på året. Solen upp 7 och ner före 16 och kortare dagar kommer innan vi når vintersolståndet. Då får vi längre dagar igen 🙂

Here’s a November song for you all. A swedish singerandsongwriter, Laleh.



9 thoughts on “November”

  1. Lovely sky there Anna. It is becoming colder here. We had a frost last night, and there was some snow in parts a little farther north of us. It is suppose to warm up in a day or two.
    Leslie xoxo

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  2. Wonderful, Anna. If I ever get to my father’s homeland, it will have to be summer. Alas, I was born on the edge of the Mojave Desert and I’ve never gotten along with cold. xx


  3. Hi Anna,
    we’ve not spoke for a while and I hope you are well during these crazy days. November-I love this time of year. Thank you for the introductory art and song 👍

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    1. Hi Andy!
      I’m all well. Keeping distance helps to get out of C- trouble I think. I live in a small town so it’s not that difficult to keep distance. I meet my friends outside and we still have autumn temps here so it’s lovely to be outside in fresh air.
      Weird times but also times to learn much from. All the best to you and yours 🙂


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