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Happy new year! Gott nytt år!

May this year be a year of reson/reason. Må detta år gå i tecken av reson.

We can all be part of making word peace by starting near ourselves. Vi kan alla delta i ansträngningen att nå världsfred genom att starta i vår närhet.

Todays word that popped up in my mind was RESON/REASON (two spellings in English Google translate tells me).

Dagens ord som dök upp i mitt huvud var RESON. 

I will try to make that a word to remeber when I need to calm down over stupid things or people. I don’t know if it’s gonna work but I will try.

Jag ska försöka komma ihåg det ordet när idiotiska saker eller personer upprör mig. Jag ska försöka att få det att fungera.

Reson spells the same way in Swedish but the pronunciation is different but not so much.

Reson stavas på samma sätt på engelska (eller reason) men har ett annorlunda uttal men skillnaden är inte så stor ändå.

We share language in the reson word. May we also share the wish worldpeace?

Vi delar språk i ordet reson. Kan vi även dela önskan om världsfred?

What do you think? Vad tror du?


8 thoughts on “Reson”

  1. if this is a trial period for a new year, then I think that I want to trade it in for 2022. this first couple weeks here has been nuts.

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    1. I wonder when we will wake up from this bad dream. Sadly we’re not at sleep, this is happening while we’re awake. Man kinds stupidity will kill us all, not pandemic or climate changes. I hope we’re enough wise people to fight the maniacs. I agree, if this year continue as these weeks I trade it for 2022 too.

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